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Welcome to Aircraft Analytics.

Despite the ever-increasing sophistication of the air transport community, and despite the advent of Big Data, many executives in the industry still find themselves facing a challenge when making key decisions about the acquisition, operation, disposal or conversion of aircraft. The OEMs do an outstanding job of providing information to support most decision processes, but any dialogue with them generally requires both time and patience on both sides, and the output will inevitably be structured to favour the OEM’s product – they wouldn’t be doing their job if it didn’t!

Yet few commodities in business have greater value than balanced, comprehensive and objective data and analysis – an expert ‘second opinion’. So it’s no surprise that the one attribute of our partner magazine Aircraft Commerce which is praised more than any other is its role as an ‘honest broker’ of data; a source of cost, performance and utility benchmarking in an industry which jealously guards such data. This is the role that Aircraft Analytics has been conceived to fill, but in doing so, to take it to another level using the unique data retrieval and interactive functionality enabled by modern website technology.

Whether you just want to satisfy your curiosity about a particularly demanding aircraft performance scenario, or get that all-important second-opinion to incorporate into an urgent report ahead of a major decision, you want it fast. And that’s where web-based interactivity wins every time. As an example, Aircraft Analytics will soon be putting carefully-calibrated flight planning technology at your fingertips so you can instantly compare the payload of, say, an A320-214 with a 737-800 on a 1,345 nm sector flown from runway 05L at Mexico City at ISA+10. Or perhaps maintenance forecasting is your opportunity, or your challenge? We’ll be putting at your fingertips the ability to derive a detailed breakdown of the maintenance tasks you’ll have to undertake if you induct a 20-year old aircraft with 32,000 FC and 55,000 FH into a P2F conversion program. And the Report Builder will enable you to select the supporting content you need to complement the tabulated output of your queries, and immediately create and export a comprehensive report which you can circulate with confidence to your colleagues, your clients, or your stakeholders.

We’re assembling a great team to implement the vision of Aircraft Analytics, and we recognise and embrace the fact that this is a mission that will continue to evolve. We’re starting with the Freighters module, which we’ll be launching during Q1 2020. This will cover narrow-body jet freighters, and we’ll be extending it in breadth and depth in early 2020 to include wide-body freighters and turboprops, together with enhanced data resources and more interactive functionality.  To this end we’re teaming with some great industry partners, so you’ll see us incorporating freighterdata.aero – probably the most detailed freighter database available – in a new, bespoke, platform next year. And we’ll be announcing other partnerships over the next few weeks, so your annual subscription to Freighters, as with all our future modules, will progressively grow in value through the year, and from one year to the next.

Wherever you work within the air transport community, our commitment – and determination – is that you will find data and analysis within Aircraft Analytics which will enable you to make better, more informed, decisions about these vital assets upon which your business depends, and make them fast.

Subscribe to Aircraft Analytics, and I believe you’ll soon find your top team has a new star performer.


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