Product Update Logs

Aircraft Analytics’ data and analysis is constantly updated; plus additional new features, tools and aircraft data sets are regularly uploaded into our products.  Any subscriber with an annual product license, valid at the time of the updates, automatically has access to the new content with no additional fee payable.

See below for full product update logs.

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6th Oct 2021

Industry Overview dashboard landing page updated to include wide-body content.  New content includes:
– Production & conversion program status listing by type
– Updated P-to-F STC holder locations
– Updated P-to-F STC program status
– Updated P-to-F STC references

5th Oct 2021

New aircraft-specific quick-link navigation bar added to main product dashboard, providing direct access to site content maps for each aircraft type.

27th Sept 2021

Program Overview format now live for all wide-body freighters. Featuring updated fleet and conversion figures for the following aircraft: 767-300, 777-200, 777-300, 747-400, A330-200, A330-300

20th Sept 2021

Prospective P-to-F program coverage added to the Freighter directory for the following types: 737-900, 757-300. Forecast specifications include: max structural payload, loading configuration and containerised volume. Also detailed side-profiles showing ULD Train.

17th Sept 2021

Wide-Body conversion trend data and P-to-F program status has been added to the STC profiles for Boeing, EFW and IAI.

16th Sept 2021

Latest Aircraft IT MRO case studies added into Article Library:
– Cargolux Shop Control eMobility App
– Viva Air digital document management for Flight Ops and Maintenance manuals
– Lufthansa Technik digital contractor recruitment platform

10th Sept 2021

New STC holder profile dashboards introduced and conversion trends data updated to 1st Aug for: AEI, Boeing BCF, C Cubed Aerospace, EFW, IAI, Pemco, Precision Aircraft Solutions, Sine Draco, ST Engineering Aerospace, 321 Precision Conversions

7th Sept 2021

Latest Aircraft Commerce ‘Freight Business’ articles loaded into the Article library: ‘Accessing suitable A330 & 767 cargo conversion candidates’

7th Sept 2021

Latest Aircraft Commerce full digital edition loaded into the Article Library (June / July 2021)

6th Sept 2021

Update to on-ramp costs data tables and analysis including: estimated narrow-body freighter conversion costs; freighter lease rates and current market values; feedstock lease rates and current market values.  All data and analysis updates to 1st September 2021

31st Aug 2021

Feedstock values database updated to 23rd August with Oriel Future Base Values for: 737NG, 757-200, A320/321.  Also New Oriel Future Base Values data for: A330, 767, 777

26th Aug 2021

Updated fleet and conversion figures and analysis loaded into aircraft program overview sections: 737-300, 737-400, 737-700, 737-800, 757-200, A320-200, A321-200, MD-80.

25th Aug 2021

Updated STC Conversion Design Characteristics for AEI.  Aircraft Types: 737-300SF, 737-400SF, 737-800SF, MD-80SF. Data includes: 9G Barrier, Main Deck Cargo Door, CLS, Class E Cargo Compartment, FDR, and more

11th Aug 2021

Updated Effective Perceived Noise Levels (EPNL) Compliance Tables for Certified Weights & Engine Variants (All Chapters). Aircraft types: 737-300, 737-400, 737-700, 737-800, A320-200, A321-200, MD-82-83-88

6th Aug 2021

Updated trends data tables for conversion centres: Conversions by location 2011-2021; Conversions by MRO/STC 2011-2021; Aircraft In Conversion (by MSN and Registration) & Pending Conversion – updated to 1st August 2021

17th July 2021

Latest Aircraft Commerce full digital edition loaded into the Article Library (April / May 2021)

17th July 2021

Latest Aircraft Commerce ‘Freight Business’ articles loaded into the Article Library:

  • Identifying the best narrowbody conversion candidates
  • Precision delivers first A321PCF

15th July 2021

Latest Aircraft IT Case Studies loaded into Article Library:

  • Saving fuel, reducing emissions and a culture of improvement at SpiceJet
  • Engineer Training and Monitoring Solution Project at FL Technics
  • Canadian Noth goes digital for documents

14th July 2021

Major new tool released: New Maintenance Check Cost Comparison Tool loaded into the dashboard and available to subscribers.  Flex the data for various check scenarios, reality factor and defect estimate.  Enter your own labour, material, consumable and rotable rates to generate accurate costs

13th July 2021

Major update to the Maintenance & Engineering sections.  New structure and dedicated dashboard tiles for:

  • Maintenance Planning Guides
  • Production Planning and Commercial Quote Guides
  • Feedstock Maintenance Criteria Guides