Data Partners


We have partnered with world-class data providers to ensure that each Aircraft Analytics module provides our subscribers with only the best and most accurate data available. Our valued partners include:


Aircraft Commerce
Aircraft Commerce is the industry leading bi-monthly publication that analyses aircraft and engines from an operating performance and cost information point of view.  Analysis articles include fleet planning and aircraft selection, plus aircraft management data and information. The 20+ years of detailed aircraft data and analysis published within Aircraft Commerce, alongside additional and complementary real-world operating and cost data is incorporated to power the interactive Aircraft Analytics digital tools and analysis. Each Aircraft Analytics Module includes a full print and digital subscription to Aircraft Commerce. See Press Release, Visit:


Aircraft IT
Aircraft IT is the industry leading digital platform for software and systems relating to aircraft flight operations and maintenance. Working closely with aviation’s leading software vendors, Aircraft IT provides Aircraft Analytics with detailed knowledge of the latest, cutting-edge technology available to the industry, from predictive analytics to AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning powered mobile apps. Each Aircraft Analytics Module includes access to an exclusive library of over 100 in-depth airline and MRO Aircraft IT case study articles. See Press Release, Visit:


Air Support
Aircraft Analytics has partnered with Air Support to use its world-class PPS Flight Planning System (PPS) in development of powerful and innovative aircraft performance and cost analysis tools. PPS Flight Planning data, alongside other key aircraft performance data allows users to compare the performance of different aircraft in exact, like-for-like route and sector scenarios, using two interactive digital tools: Interactive Payload/Range Tool and Interactive Network Performance Tool. PPS is one of aviation’s leading flight planning software solutions to private and commercial business aircraft operators, regional/charter/cargo/national airlines as well as military/utility operators, and is used by aircraft operators in more than 75 countries. See Press Release, Visit:


Aircraft Analytics has partnered with ch-aviation to use its industry leading fleet data to power detailed analysis of the current freighter fleet and potential freighter conversion feedstock candidates. The data includes fleet numbers by: Aircraft Type, Aircraft Vintage, Engine Sub Variant, Winglet Status, and Current Operational Status (Active, Stored, in Maintenance). ch-aviation operates as the largest and most comprehensive B2B database in the area of commercial aviation and provides more than 800 customers worldwide with relevant and up-to-date airline intelligence and insightful news on the aviation industry. See Press Release, Visit:


Aircraft Analytics is delighted to partner with Oriel – the commercial aircraft and engine values experts. Oriel aircraft values and lease rates opinions, in addition to other key data inputs such as maintenance costs and freighter conversion cost estimates, power the Aircraft Analytics On-ramp Cost Tool. Oriel provides the aviation finance sector with opinions on the aircraft market including current and forecast aircraft and engine values and lease rates. See Press Release, Visit:


Freighterdata is a digital database of every individual civil jet and turboprop freighter, including new production freighters and conversion of passenger airframes data, which has been wholly incorporated by Aircraft Analytics. The data is used across the Aircraft Analytics’ Freighters module to provide key market share analysis to establish the leading STC conversion programs, and key conversion trend analysis: from annual conversions by type, to annual conversions by labour provider, to annual conversions by conversion type (Freighter/Quick Change/Combi).