Aircraft Commerce and Aircraft IT launch Aircraft Analytics, a powerful new subscription-based digital resource for the industry

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11/10/2019 – PRESS RELEASE – Poynings, UK

Aircraft Commerce and Aircraft IT launch Aircraft Analytics, a powerful new subscription-based digital resource for the industry

Aircraft Analytics uses the latest digital interactive functionality to enable real-world analysis and comparisons of aircraft performance and operating costs with the ability to generate powerful key data reports.

This rich new resource will put real-world aircraft and performance data at the industry’s fingertips; using interactive digital tools to compare aircraft, or build powerful key data reports per aircraft variant. Aircraft Analytics is an Aircraft Commerce and Aircraft IT development to further enhance the authoritative, objective, and detailed data and analysis available to the airline and aircraft operator community.

Bringing together, in an integrated platform, real-world data, analysis and interactive tools, Aircraft Analytics will be the go-to information, benchmarking and comparison resource to inform key industry stakeholders. Videos will be posted to the website to introduce a growing range of capabilities. Many exciting developments are planned for the years ahead. The initial section will go live in early 2020.

That launch module will cover freighters – a dynamic and challenging aviation market, of growing importance. The Freighters module has been created working with experienced industry partners for specialist inputs such as flight planning technology, an industry-leading freighters database, and selected feedstock values. More will be revealed as we formalise relationships over the next few months.

Aircraft Analytics applies digital interactive functionality to build valuable real-world comparisons of aircraft types and variants in their operational environments. Ed Haskey, COO of the new business, brings more than 20 years’ successful experience with aviation publishing and conferences, including Aircraft IT, the digital platform for Aircraft MRO and Flight Operations IT. Andy Coupland, CEO, brings more than 40 years’ senior management experience in airlines and consulting units. Ed’s and Andy’s combined experience and abilities will ensure that the new project meets its objectives from the outset.

Speaking at the launch of the new business, Charles Williams, Publisher and Editor of Aircraft Commerce, said, “I am proud to be part of this new venture. My confidence is grounded not only on the excellent concept and technology that will power Aircraft Analytics but also in the people running the business.” Ed Haskey, Publisher and Editor of Aircraft IT added, “Airlines, operators, MROs, lessors and other key industry sectors need increasingly to be able to assess aircraft types and variants against operational criteria. That can be daunting if all that you have is the manufacturer’s specification. Now, the functionality enabled by modern digital technology has provided the ideal platform for an innovative and powerful product to take understanding of different aircraft to a new level.”

During 2020 new modules will cover regional, narrow-body and wide-body passenger aircraft.

Editor’s notes

Aircraft Commerce magazine delivers, to the airline and aircraft operator community, authoritative, objective and detailed data and analysis that could not be obtained elsewhere, including a complementary programme of industry-leading conferences. Both the magazine and the conference programme are supported by brand-new websites whose technology has created a further opportunity to add value for the commercial aviation community.

Aircraft IT is the digital platform for aircraft IT developers and vendors, buyers and users. The 20,000 plus subscribers are able to review the leading M&E/MRO and Flight Operations software solutions and discover what is new and how their peers are selecting, implementing and benefitting from the latest software solutions. All this is delivered through Webinars, eJournals, the Software Search Engine and much more.

An annual subscription to an Aircraft Analytics module will include access to the online Aircraft Commerce library of more than 1,200 downloadable articles. In the meantime you can access the free-to-view site at


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