Featuring digital tools showcasing real-world narrow-body passenger aircraft specifications, performance data and operating costs. Summarise and compare performance and efficiency, including payload-range and fuel burn. Analyse detailed maintenance cost forecasts with a fully interactive maintenance calculator tool. Download detailed specifications and market trends. Register here to receive product updates and be the first to know when the Wide-body module is released to market.


The Wide-Body Module is due for release shortly.

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Aircraft covered within this module: A300, A310, A330-200, A330-300, A330-800neo, A330-900neo, A340-300, A340-500, A340-600, A350-900, A350-1000, A380-800, 767-300ER, 777-200LR, 777-200ER, 777-300, 777-300ER, 777-8, 777-9, 787-8, 787-9, 787-10, 747-400ER, 747-8.

All aircraft and performance data used to power the interactive comparison tools, charts, schematics and diagrams, comes from verified industry sources which are quoted throughout the module. We work with numerous partners for specialist inputs such as flight planning technology, maintenance planning information and more to provide you with the most up-to-date and trusted data source in the industry.

Wide-Body Module Breakdown

The Wide-body module features digital tools showcasing real-world wide-body passenger aircraft specifications, performance data and operating costs. Performance and efficiency tools include payload-range, take-off characteristics and on-route fuel burn data. A fully interactive maintenance calculator tool allows users the ability to forecast their maintenance costs for different scenarios. Download detailed specifications including cabin configurations, certified weights, and aircraft dimensions, or interrogate aircraft production trends.

Use the interactive digital tools to compare aircraft performance and costs View key data per aircraft variant at a high-level or use the Aircraft Database to drill down to interrogate the detail. Build your own decision grade data reports in seconds.

The module is divided into the following easy to navigate tools and tiles:

1. Aircraft Database

Search data by aircraft variant using the easy to navigate dashboard and tiles interface to find the information you need broken down into the following sections:

(i) Aircraft Program Overview
– General Overview
– Design
– Production
– Contractors and Suppliers

(ii) Detailed Specifications
– Basic Dimensions and Characteristics
– Cabin Configurations
– Cargo Hold Configurations
– Certified Weights

(iii) Performance and Efficiency
– Interactive Payload/Range Tool: Explore how potential payloads vary by specific aircraft variant across different sector lengths and airport elevations.
– Interactive Network Performance Tool: Test aircraft performance on our real-world networks based around the world.
– Weight & Balance
– Field Performance
– Design Efficiency
– Noise & Emissions

(iv) Maintenance & Engineering
Overview of maintenance planning and costs data:
– Interactive maintenance cost calculator – powerful tool that allows users to forecast maintenance checks and costs using their own bespoke inputs.
– Maintenance Planning
– Non-Routine
– Storage
– Aircraft Life Limits
– Airworthiness Directives
– Service Bulletins
– Major Modifications and Upgrades
– Technical Support Directory

(v) Ground Operations
– Ground Servicing

(vi) Part-Out
– Aircraft Part-Out
– Component Part-Out
– Engine Part-Out
– Part-Out Values Summary

2. Interactive Aircraft Performance and Efficiency Comparison Tools

Use our interactive tools and real-world data to compare the performance of different wide-body aircraft.

– Interactive Payload/Range Tool: Explore how potential payloads vary by selected sector length and airport elevation. See results by individual aircraft or compare variants.

– Interactive Network Performance Tool: Test and compare aircraft performance on our real-world networks from around the world. Results include: on-route fuel burn, flight times, block-times, available payload and emissions.

3. Interactive Maintenance Calculator

Interrogate the interactive Aircraft Analytics Maintenance Cost Calculator to determine bespoke maintenance check requirements and associated maintenance cost burdens. Users can input their own aircraft specifications and utilisation data to ensure the cost outputs meet their specific scenarios.

Drill down to a maintenance planning level breakdown of tasks and associated man-hours within the Aircraft Database section.

4. Wide-Body Overview

A detailed overview of the wide-body aircraft segment using an easy to navigate tile interface, broken into the following categories:

(i) Wide-body types by manufacturer
(ii) Wide-body types by capacity segment

5. Operating Cost Tool

Operating cost reporting tool that brings together all ownership, operational and maintenance costs for each type.

6. Report Builder

Build your own decision-grade report in seconds. Select your own criteria, including aircraft specifications, performance outputs and maintenance costs to deliver a detailed bespoke report. Benchmark the numbers against your own figures or use the data in a presentation or your own report.

7. Digital Subscription to Aircraft Commerce

Quickly access wide-body aircraft analysis articles published in Aircraft Commerce magazine in an easy to search format. Search by aircraft variant or manufacturer. You will also receive a user account for the Aircraft Commerce website to access 1000s of other articles in the extensive library.

Check-back soon for further information and product demo videos.