737-900 among several prospective narrow-body P-to-F candidates


The current surge in demand for narrow-body freighter conversions is centred around the 737-800 and A321-200, but which other prospective platforms might be in the pipeline? Sign up to the new ‘Freighters’ platform from Aircraft Analytics for coverage and analysis of prospective future conversion programs, including the 737-900ERF, which would offer one additional AAY loading position compared to a 737-800 freighter, equivalent to a 9% increase in containerised volume.

Subscribe to Freighters now and gain instant access to a host of powerful benchmarking tools that help identify the most suitable freighter type for a given business model or mission. Compare the merits of different conversion programs, review key cost data by freighter sub type and gain an understanding of feedstock selection criteria. New itemised pricing plans now available with annual subscriptions starting from $850. Introductory rates valid until 30 June 2021.


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