Aircraft Analytics launch module ‘Freighters’ to take-off shortly.

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The Aircraft Analytics team is delighted to announce the imminent take-off of the launch module ‘Freighters’, and to confirm the array of powerful digital tools available to subscribers.

Two years in the making, with 91,859,654 unique data points loaded into an array of sophisticated digital tools and built using the latest interactive and database technology, Freighters will provide subscribers with instant access to nose-to-tail decision grade data and analysis for each freight aircraft variant, including:

  • Aircraft Specifications and Weights
  • Maintenance Planning and Costs
  • Aircraft Performance Data and Analysis
  • On-Ramp Costs
  • Freighter Loading Configurations
  • and more. 

Freighters will initially feature narrow-body aircraft, before rolling out wide-body and regional types. The interactive digital tools allow users to manipulate the data to power detailed, bespoke, like-for-like aircraft comparison analyses. We are pleased to confirm that the following digital tools will be available to subscribers at launch:

Aircraft Performance Toolkit:

Providing subscribers with access to in-depth performance and efficiency data, two powerful digital tools are provided in the Aircraft Performance Toolkit.

Picture: Network Performance Tool.

Network Performance Tool: Test and compare aircraft performance on realistic simulated networks situated in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Choose between engine and winglet options, as applicable. The granular output includes the full spectrum of operational parameters for each phase of flight, conducted under user-selected en-route conditions.

Picture: Payload-Range Tool:

Payload-Range Tool: Explore how specific freighter aircraft sub-variant performance varies by departure airport elevation, selected sector length, en-route conditions, and payload. View results by individual aircraft type, or compare variants.

Maintenance & Engineering:

Maintenance Costs at time of Conversion: Subscribers can select from multiple, fully referenced scenarios providing a highly detailed forecast of the maintenance burden which will be incurred at the time of modification of conversion feedstock airframes of a given age and maintenance status. Users can manipulate multiple input fields such as defect ratio, labour, materials and consumable rates and more, thereby building bespoke work packages which can be compared across competing conversion feedstock options.

Main Deck Pallet Configuration Tool:

Subscribers can select and graphically display a wide range of main deck pallet configurations, together with the associated position loads, for most narrow-body freighter conversion variants by STC (Supplementary Type Certificate) holder. The option selected can then be compared against over 50 competing main deck pallet configurations offered by 24 different aircraft type/STC conversion combinations.

Lower hold permissible loads and volumes by compartment are also displayed and charted in granular detail.

On-Ramp Costs Tool:

Examine and compare estimated total on-ramp costs post-conversion by narrow aircraft type and STC holder. The On-Ramp Costs Tool brings together feedstock acquisition values, STC-specific conversion pricing, the multiplicity of ancillary costs incurred during the conversion process, and inputs from Aircraft Analytics’ bespoke maintenance costs model.


Powered by leading-edge database technology, the suite of Aircraft Analytics databases allow subscribers to quickly view, sort and analyse the numerous datasets utilised within the Freighters module. For many datapoints supporting information can be access by a single mouse click, a facility that brings the data alive.

Picture: Freighter Program Overview Database

Databases available at launch include:

Narrow-body Freighter Listing: Powered by freighterdata, this includes tail number-specific conversion history for all contemporary narrow-body freighter types. Details include: STC Holder, Conversion Date, Conversion Centre, Conversion Location, Cargo Loading System Manufacturer, Current Aircraft Status and more.

Freighter Program Overview: View and sort total conversions by narrow-body type, the percentage of aircraft converted per fleet, summaries of feedstock fleet availability by age group and market share by STC.

Technical Specifications Overview: View and sort by narrow-body aircraft type, engine variant, certified weights, payload, volume, range, and more.

Performance and Efficiency Overview: View and sort by narrow-body aircraft type, block times, fuel burn at maximum structural payload (MSP), fuel burn at maximum volumetric payload (MVP), available tonne miles per unit of fuel at MSP, available tonne miles per unit of fuel at MVP, and more.

Feedstock Values: Estimated future market values for passenger aircraft that represent potential feedstock candidates for conversion to freighters. Values are provided by Aircraft Analytics data partner Oriel – the commercial aircraft and engine values experts.

Additional Content and Features:

In addition to the digital tools, a subscription to freighters also provides users with detailed analysis and market intelligence to understand freighter aircraft in unprecedented depth and breadth. This includes: STC holder profiles, plus Program Overviews; Detailed Aircraft Technical Specifications; Maintenance & Engineering guides; plus Feedstock Selection Criteria for each narrow-body aircraft type.

STC holder guides include corporate profiles detailing financial performance, organisational structure, relationships with third parties including conversion centres, post-conversion technical support models and key business development timelines. STC profiles also feature a summary of each organisation’s current conversion programs and a detailed breakdown of key conversion trends.

Program Overviews include a summary of production and fleet numbers by type. There is a detailed breakdown of available conversion programs per aircraft variant and an in-depth analysis of conversions trends by aircraft type and STC holder.

Detailed Technical Specifications include key weight and payload specifications and loading configurations by aircraft type and per individual STC.

Maintenance & Engineering: In addition to interactive cost tools, subscribers will benefit from in-depth Maintenance Planning Guides and cost scenarios per aircraft variant. Maintenance Production Planning and Commercial Quote guides are also included.

Feedstock Selection: The Freighters module provides investors, owners and operators with a framework of understanding within which the specifications and condition of proposed feedstock aircraft can be evaluated in order to limit risk ahead of a decision to commit to any Passenger-to-Freighter conversions. Aircraft Analytics has generated in-depth feedstock selection guides for each narrow-body variant covering key maintenance and operational specification considerations.

Bonus Features:

Aircraft Commerce Subscription: A subscription to Freighters includes a full annual digital and print subscription to Aircraft Commerce. Quickly access, in an easy to search format, 100s of digital Freighter analysis articles published in Aircraft Commerce magazine. Search by aircraft variant or STC holder.  You will also receive a user account for the Aircraft Commerce website to access 1000s of other articles in an extensive library, and the Aircraft Commerce Journal mailed to subscribers every two months.

Airline and MRO Facility Technology Case Study Database: Search through an exclusive library of 150+ airline and MRO facility case study articles developed with our partners Aircraft IT. These unique, case studies are written by airlines and MRO facilities themselves detailing recent technology projects, from EFB and Flight Deck enhancements, to digital maintenance & engineering Apps and end-to-end management systems.  The case studies are searchable by technology type or by airline / MRO company name.

Access to all developments and upgrades: An annual Freighters subscription also includes access to all developments and upgrades planned throughout the year including additional aircraft variants, database content, and lots more…

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  1. Subir Lahiri says:

    Will there be the capability to evaluate aircraft takeoff weights when there are obstacle limited situations which is fairly common for departures in Latin/South America?

    Thank you.

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